Tonya Walker - Director

My Name is Tonya Walker and I  am the Owner/Director of Bundles of Love Christian Academy.

When My family and I moved to Paulding County, it was difficult for me to find a childcare center where I felt safe leaving our one-year old daughter at the time. In 1997, my love for childcare began. Since I did not feel comfortable with the other childcare centers. It convinced me to start my own in-home childcare center, and I had a passion for children ever since. When our daughter was old enough to start school, I thought venturing out in the work force would be a great opportunity for me, but there was a sense of contentment missing, after being promoted and working for many corporation companies.

It was one Sunday afternoon in church, my Pastor taught a lesson on finding our Divine Purpose. I fasted, prayed, and continuously searched for a child care center. Bundles of Love Christian Academy (BOLCA) was stablished in 2011. I genuinely believe childcare is my purpose God specifically assigned me to fulfill. I knew exactly what parents were looking for, because I was once in their position. I wanted my parents to feel at peace, so I make sure to go over and beyond to provide love, as well as a high-quality learning experience.

I have always found myself helping the children in my community. I have a degree in Human Service Manager.   I started a non-profit organization for trouble youth, I was a substitute teacher for Paulding County, and I am also a licensed Realtor.

I am blessed that God gives me wisdom to accomplish his work. I enjoy what I do every day, and I know that my purpose is being fulfilled.